A fresh website for Univercell’s new identity.

Univercells is a global life sciences company that makes biologics available to all. In 2021, Univercells went through a total rebrand, so they reached us, asking for a fresh website to go with their new identity. Of course, we were pleased to accept the challenge.


Reflect the company’s values through thoughtful design.

Univercells previous site was not appropriately reflecting the company’s identity and values.
Our goal was to make Univercell’s mission and goals clear and to allow the user to easily understand the structure of the company.

univercells-website univercells-website

Integration with Mpleo, their HR software

Univercells employ more than 300 people, and new jobs positions are being added on a weekly basis. It was important for the HR team to make it as easier as possible to manage the publication of those jobs.
So we linked the site with Mpleo, their HR management software. The HR team can manage the Jobs position on Mpleo, confidently knowing that it will be available and perfectly displayed on the website. When a user applies to a job, Univercells instantly gets the application on Mpleo.

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A complete media database, with a focus on the SEO

It was important for Univercells to communicate their news and event on the site. We made it very easy for them to add that content, and made sure to have all great SEO practices covered up, so that Univercells shows up more often in the search results related to the biotech area.

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