A complete and easy to search listing

We put a lot of effort into making the search a seamless experience that was tailored to the situation and requirement of Cedimmo. In just a few clicks, the user can find and save his dream homes.


A customer constantly in search of the latest technologies and innovations who pushes us to go even further.

— Julien Jacobs, Project Manager

Automated attractive landing pages for new projects

Our client gives a lot of importance on the new projects. Therefore, we made it easy for him to create attractive landing pages for each of his new projects. Everything is linked to Sweepbright, so it’s even easier for the back-office team to create them. The user gets a nice overview of the project, along with a preview of each single estates available.


Simplify things for the back-office team

The site is completely linked to Sweepbright, their estate management and CRM. The back-office and sales team member can manage the properties on Sweepbright, confidently knowing that it will be available and perfectly displayed on the website.

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