A fully custom
e-commerce website

Beercrush is a new e-commerce brand that offers a wide range of beers of all types. The challenge with Beercrush was to make the catalog attractive and as clear as possible. We wanted the user to easily find his favorite products but also to be able to take the time to explore and find new rare gems.


Clean packshots of over 400 beers

The best way to make products attractive in our opinion was to have high quality, well-lit and a consistent packshot format. We shot over 400 beers in our studio, and have now a complete process for for the new beers arriving quarterly.
This, combined with an interesting and fuly custom made design that highlights the beer bottles allows Beercrush to have an attractive catalog to ultimately improve the website conversion rate.


Integration of the subscription system

One key feature Beercrush wanted was the ability for the user to subscribe to different packages to get a delivery regularly. We integrated a subscription system that allows the user to do just that. After some discussion with Beercrush’s team, we developed it carefully so that it works seamlessly with Beercrush logistics operations.

beercrush-website beercrush-website

Focus on the SEO

Fromt the start, we made sure to have great SEO basics covered up and optimizing each part of the code to decrease the load speed, creating and placing compelling, keyword optimized content.
SEO being a long-term game, we work closely with Beercrush to maintain and improve their SEO over time, review and assess our progress every quarter.

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