Project Conceptualisation

  • Business model building
  • Viability of the project
  • Plan an auto-generated platform

Brand Building

  • Logo creation
  • Brand attribute
  • Recognition

All-Inclusive Event Platform Development

Event creation
Tickets management
Auto-online payment system between parties

O&B wanted to provide on all inclusive platform to organise any kind of event. Different platform already exist such as Facebook to create your event or event bride to manage your tickets.

Therefore, the challenge was to merge all those type of existing service and harmonize them in a intuitive and reponsive web platform.

One of the big developement challenge was to create on automatic online payment system that let the founders of the platform focus on their business developement rather than being on intermediary between organizers and service providers.

Launching & Digital Marketing Plan

  • Content stategy on social media
  • Creation of promotional video
  • Viral Marketing
Play Teaser
The vision of O&B is to create an online tool to organise all kind of event around the globe.

We decided to start our action plan in 3 cities: Brussels, Montpelier, Toulouse. The first part of the plan is to create a beta version to register all service providers in the 3 chosen cities. The second phase is to reach the organisers by providing them a ressourcefull platform of services providers.

We used all marketing tools such as promotional video, social media, blog posting to follow this 2 step in our launching plan.

O&B Website
Turn ambition into reality, this is what Ergonomic has done for us! Professionalism, advices, fun and above all an amazing human adventure.
Vincent Santacruz, Co-Founder of O&B

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