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The Project

We Invest asked us to redesign their whole new image & website for the second time after only 1 year. We decided to change the colours, logo and the user experience of their website.

The Challenge

The old website of we invest was adapted to a small agency and was not adapted for a long list of properties. Therefore we changed the filters and the search system to improve the user experience of their customers.

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Old Logo


Always one step ahead

From the very first moment, our main goal was to create outstanding product that can beat all of the competitors out there.

The difference is we invest make a huge effort on their image and the service that they provide in comparison with other real estate agencies.

They provide home staging, video production and virtual visit. Other agencies are doing same services, but the challenge is to make it better with a better team and service providers.

Avant We Invest

Après We Invest

weinvest weinvest

Connexion with their CRM WHISE of Whoman

This project doens't have an intenral CMS to be managed. We connect instantly all data from their properties with their website.

In addition to that, each project is connected to google in order to give all point of interest near the location. For example, restaurant, schools and transportation.

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