Find easily your tradesmate

Finding a reliable tradesman for your project such as a new construction, an appartment renovation, a plumbing or electricity issue, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The platform aims to find the right tradesman with a good matching system such as reviews, geographic locations, past realizations...

Once your job is posted, you can search for professionals to work for your project. In addition, tradesman can see your job and apply for it. At the end of your journey, you will have a reliable match making system to find the best tradesman for your project.


building the platform Conceptualisation

We exchanged best practices from our past experiences and analyzed the market to find the best positioning of the platform in Belgium.

Starting with a platform is always a challenge in terms of budget, time and user experience. All those variables were analysed properly to find the best match to launch our platform.

building the platform Identity and Design

We tried to find the best way to express the values of BobUp into the design of the website

The challenge was to make the platform intuitive and easy to use for different kind of users.
  • bobup_logo

    The logo espress the right values of Bobup. Trying to suits the best to the target.


    We choose flat and ecologic colors with the fashionable trend.

  • Proxima Nova abcdefghijklmno pqrstuvwxyz

    The typography represents the stability to show the credibility of the brand.

Karim Hadni Founder of BobUp

Ergonomic acts as a real partner. Their objective is achieved only when you have reached yours.

The team is energetic and very reliable. It is a pleasure to work with you guys!

building the platform User experience

Starting with a platform is always a challenge in terms of budget, time and user experience. All those variables were analysed properly to find the best match.

We spent time to analyse the cycle of experience of user navigating towards the wireframes. Both sides were important. First the customer needs in a very small time lapse to add his project intuitively. Secondly, the professionnal wants to find the minimum information needed to accept or deny the project.

building the platform Communication

Launching a platform with little budget is also a big challenge. We used digital marketing as our online tool additionally to old paperflyers for professionals and households.

  • Vidéo
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Print Material
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Understanding our target group was most of the work done for the communication.

Then we used different digital and offline tools to reach our target group. Everything is mesured by data and ajusted to make the best conversion rate possible.

We created print materials to also spread the word offline.

More than 30.000 flyers were distributed in Brussels, and specific flyers for professionals were displayed at strategic places.
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