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A fully custom web platform developed and designed by carefully taking into account the lessons learned from the first year in business.
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From the idea to the startup of the year
Bobup is a belgian startup that makes it easier for people to find the right contractor. We started the collaboration in 2015, starting with just our client and his idea. Together we pushed the idea further and launched the first MVP a few month later. After a few iterations, traction started to grow faster and faster, and in December 2016, Bobup won the NRJ Startup Of The Year award.
bobup NRJ Startup of the year
The easiest way to find the right, trustworthy contractor
Find a contractor is way harder than it should be. So our digital agency in Belgium thought about how to make it easier for people to get a great one for their job. We ended up with few simple steps that allows Bobup to pick the best contractor for the kind of job you want to make.
People still need human interaction to be reassured. So we do our best to combine these with the advantages of automation too, and results were more than convincing.
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Ergonomic acts as a real partner. Their objective is achieved only when you have reached yours. The team is energetic and very reliable.

First, we created together our MVP taking into account the next improvements. We now improve and continue building our platform, keeping pace with the business growth. It's finally like building a house with foundations.

It is a pleasure to work with you guys!

— Karim Hadni, CEO
Reinventing old practices
How do most people find a contractor? How do they handle the communication with him? Most of the time, people rely on luck, and vaguely on word of mouth. Bobup acts as a trusted partner that helps you to choose vetted and trustworthy tradesmen.
A simple and effective branding
The simplest solution is often the most effective. We went for a friendly lettermark, clean and simple and we built a visual identity system around it to, opting for a playful yet professional color palette and symbol set.
Track, analyze, iterate, ship.
We worked closely with bobup team to make the site better every weeks. As a startup that still needs to find the optimal way to grow, the tracking/analyzing part is the most important one. You can't have progress without being able to measure it, so we put a system in place to assess progress, detect bottleneck. That allowed us to iterate by confidently knowing that we were going in the right direction.
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