A new identity and a convincing website

We started working with We Invest in 2014, creating a new website and a new logo for -at the time- a small real-estate agency. Those guys grew exceptionally fast, and so two years later we were asked to do it again, but this time we could put more effort in it. Therefore, we started from scratch, doing our best to reflect their values allowing them to be the most efficient possible with each website by automating as much as possible and creating a great user experience.


Connecting the website with their different management and marketing apps

We took care of connecting Hubspot, their CRM and Sweepbright, their estates management software seamlessly with their website. But that was only the beginning. We constantly iterate and add more tools to help them automate the whole business day after day. Tracking, Analytics, A/B testing tools, highly efficient custom pages,… all those integrations are helping them being the fastest growing real estate agency in Belgium.

“It’s a real pleasure to work with ergonomic’s
team. They are friendly and professional.”

— Jonathan Pham, Founder
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Constant iteration leads to long-term improvements

For We Invest, the website might be considered as the backbone of their business. For that reason we work very closely with the marketing team, looking to always improve every part of it. We constantly make it easier for the fast-growing team to work on the site, get the right leads, track users behaviors and analyze results.

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